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Proud To Work With Local Businesses

At Worlds Apart, our core mission is building community, and part of that is working with other local businesses. Below is a partial list of the wonderful local businesses with whom we do business:

Welcome to Worlds Apart Games

The first volunteer-run, collective-owned game store in the USA, managed locally in downtown Amherst, MA. With a membership exceeding 2000, and several resident Magic Judges, we serve the Western Mass gaming community with the largest demo game collection within walking distance of UMass and Amherst College. We're here to meet your M:TG and Board Gaming needs.

Events for Tuesday May 23rd, 2017

Image Goes Here(150) Legacy w/ unlimited proxies
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Every Tuesday we will be running an unlimited proxy Legacy event. Entry is $5 and all of the entry fees will go into the prize pool for anyone with a positive record at the end of the event.

Image Goes Here(137) D&D Adventurers League Expeditions 5th Edition
6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Have you heard about the new 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons? Are you curious?

D&D Expeditions is a great way to get your feet wet without a huge commitment to a weekly gaming group. It meets every week if you can make it, but you can drop in and play whenever fits your schedule.

Awesome Local GM Eric Perez will be running a weekly campaign for players of all experience levels. between 6-10pm every Tuesday night.

Come join us in a fantasy adventure!

More on Expeditions: More on Expeditions

Players Guide for Adventurers league: Players Guide for Adventurers league


We'll Teach You to Play That Game!

Not sure about the rules for that spiffy new game you just bought? Don't just leave it sitting around. Come by the store and one of our game experts will help you to learn to play it.
Want to try out new games? We have an open board game day, every Saturday from 2 to 10 PM.


Frequent Gamer Rewards Program

While Worlds Apart is built around the idea of building community, we need to customers to provide the resources that keep the doors open and the lights on. To show our appreciation to our customers, we are offering the Frequent Gamer Rewards Program. The program is simple. The more you buy one month, the bigger your discount the next month. Click here for more details.

Volunteer at Worlds Apart Games

With 14 shifts a week to fill with only volunteers, keeping our store staffed can be hard. If working in a game store sounds like fun to you, we can help you build your resume and reward you with pure happiness™. If any of this sounds exciting to you, email mc@pvgaming.org, or stop in and ask for Arnie, our Membership Coordinator.