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Worlds Apart Games now has an Amazon affiliate account. That means that if you click on this banner below and buy stuff from Amazon, your favorite game store and community center gets a commission. It's a way to support to store while spending money that you are already spending.




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Frequent Gamer Rewards

While Worlds Apart is built around the idea of building community, we need to customers to provide the resources that keep the doors open and the lights on. To show our appreciation to our customers, we are offering the Frequent Gamer Rewards Program. The program is simple. The more you buy one month, the bigger your discount the next month (see table below).
Even better, if you are one of the top three customers for the month you will earn a gift certificate for $5, $10, or $15. You will also earn a place in the Worlds Apart Hall of Heroes.

The medals you can earn:

gold silver bronze
Purchases Discounts
$1 5%
$20 6%
$40 7%
$60 8%
$80 9%
$100 10% Paragon Discount
$130 11%
$160 12%
$190 13%
$220 14%
$250 15%
$300 16%
$350 17%
$400 18%
$450 19%
$500 20%